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Overcome study boredom

For effective study habits, it is suggested that you set up a proper study space, adjust the light, get rid of all distractions and even take a few breaks. But after doing these things, you are nodding off, when you know there is work to be done. So, what can be done when this happens? Here are five tips for overcoming boredom and tiredness while studying.

Take a short nap!

Think of a brief nap as an unscheduled break. Naps are known to restore energy if they are brief, no more than 30 minutes long; 20 minutes is deal. If you go too long you actually may awaken more tired than before.

Caffeine wonders

A cup of coffee, a coke, maybe some tea makes for fine pick-me-up. Too much caffeine, like the amount contained in an energy drink is counter-productive mainly because the properties of caffeine can have an upside-down effect when you have too much of it. One cup of coffee is often enough to open your eyes long enough to complete your work and not interfere with your sleep.

Turn down the heat

Ideally, you should be studying in a room where the temperature is on the cool side, around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Often, however, the room temperature is higher than that. Warmth makes you lethargic which, in turn, robs you of focus. If you can’t adjust the temperature, you can adjust your clothing. Take off your sweater, remove an unneeded layer and see if that doesn’t cool you down.

Take a walk

A walk outside will help stimulate your body. If you can’t get outside, do a few jumping jacks or stretch. Even mild physical exertion provides an immediate increase in focus and alertness.

Change your schedule

You’ve taken a nap, had some coffee, cooled down, done some exercise and you still want to nod off. Stop what you are doing and go to bed. Study another time for maximum effectiveness. When nothing seems to keep you awake your body is telling you to get some needed rest. Listen, you’ll be better off for it. — Agencies