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How to optimize Windows PC for better performance

Everyone wishes their computer worked faster. Here are some quick and easy tips to take the load off your computer and make it run more efficiently, for much longer. Some use full tips to make computer work faster are given below:

Use anti-virus

A computer virus makes computer slower. Having an anti-virus software on your computer will help to remove any viruses or clutter programs from slowing down your computer. If your computer is not protected by an anti-virus, you could be at serious risk. It is highly recommended that you have to use anti-virus software in your computer. There are many anti-virus in the market. Good companies are: Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast, AVG, etc.

Delete unnecessary files

Deleting files that you never use and will no longer have used for can help free up hard drive space and make your computer faster.

Defragment hard disk

Although you delete a file, it might not delete the whole file and leave fragments behind. Defragmentation can help eliminate these fragments and free up space and clutter on your computer. To defragment for Windows, click the start button > go to all programs > and go to system tools and select defragment.

Empty the Recycle Bin

When you delete files, they collect in the recycle bin and if they are not deleted from there, then its like you never delete it in the first place. So, empty it. Just remember once your recycle bin is emptied, it is very difficult to get back a lost file.


Adding RAM can make your make your computer much faster. This is the single most effective way to make a computer faster.

Uninstall programs that you are not using

This seems like common sense but many users forget about programs or games they have installed and don’t realize it is taking up hard drive space, memory, and putting unnecessary workloads on your computer.

Evaluate the necessities of your start-up programs

Do you really need your Weather Bug application set to “autostart” so that it loads and pops up every time you start the computer? Do you really need your Anti-virus to perform a scan of your computer when you boot up every single, time? By disabling “autostart” or removing these programs, you will make it easier for your computer to focus on other things when it is booting up.

Clean up your temporary files

Delete all unwanted temporary files from the folder in your Windows directory. To do this following methods:

You can Download a program such as to perform this task on a daily basis.

Make sure you have all the updates for your software and operating system

Windows updates are important, and by skipping them or forgetting to stay up-to-date can cause massive slowdowns and drivers to stop working.

How to speed up your Windows boot time

To speed up computer follow these steps:

This command would set the AUTOCHK initiation count time down to 4.

How to speed up your windows boot process

one troublesome issue with Windows OS is that the boot up process can sometimes take an excessive amount of time. The boot process in Windows OS can be expedited in several ways.

Disable unnecessary start up processes